Vemme Kart
Vemme Kart Announces Australian Dealer

Vemme Kart is pleased to announce the addition of a new dealer of their emergent chassis brand. Elite Kart Racing of Footscray, Victoria, Australia has signed on to bring the Italian chassis line to the 'Land Down Under.' With a large order of karts and spare parts already on its way, it will take little time before the blue karts are seen at the forefront of the Australian market.

Darred Day, Elite Kart Racing has been involved in the karting industry for ten years and was impressed by the new Vemme Kart line. With motivation to promote a successful kart shop, as well as support karting in general, Elite Kart Racing is very excited to become a Vemme Kart importer and will deal directly with the factory in Italy.

Created in 2006, Vemme Kart is based on the principles of high technology and quality. The careful choice of materials guarantees the highest standards of construction and constant quality that results in high levels of performance and safety. With a clear vision, modern design and a streamlined organization, Vemme Kart is dedicated to the development of their chassis line to assure their customers can obtain the highest levels of achievement.